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It hasn’t been long since the inception of office glass partitions where it has made a smooth transition from concrete partitions. While it is known to save floor space, make the office area look more spacious, allowing better communication and add to aesthetics to the office, it is something that is in demand.

At Peninsula Office Interiors, creating such a setup is a simple process. Being a team consisting of experts in the industry, you receive an office that not only impresses visitors but also makes work comfortable for the employees.

Glass partition for a trendy and modern office

While different office setups would require different types of office glass partitions, which are often held in place with the help of frames. These are made up of aluminium or wood depending on the decor and the place where the partition would be installed.

Whether you intend to set up a new office or renovate the existing one, we can help you with the best installation. When it comes to corporate office setup, we excel in creating something perfect for clients as well as employees.

The benefits of glass partition

There is improved aesthetics – Imagine walking into an office where there are multiple rooms and each one of them have walls separating one from the other? Doesn’t it feel claustrophobic and clumsy? Well, with office glass partitions, the office space would feel lighter and accessible. Apart from that, there will be better aesthetics as glass is known to exude luxury and finesse no matter where it is placed. The area looks spacious and breathable too.

There is less cost involved – If there comes a time when you have to re-build or renovate your existing office space in Belrose, With glass partitions, they are easy to install as well as remove and no matter how you intend to remodel your office, it can be utilised and placed all over again wherever suitable. Apart from that, you also save up on energy bills as there is more natural light in the premises and you do not need to switch on the lights during the day.

Work becomes fun - Sitting perched in cubicles or locked up behind walls can at times be frustrating, especially when there are no interactions with colleagues. With glass partitions, you can at least wave at those passing by or exchange a few glances here and there. This gives the employees the motivation to work and not be bored if required blinds or film on the glass can be installed when there is a need for privacy, especially during conferences and meetings.

We can be your official contractor in Belrose for the installation, you can be rest assured that your office would look the best.


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