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Get the Best Quality Office Plasterboard Partitions with Peninsula Office Interiors
The office plasterboard partitions, are a complete system. The system includes a metal stud wall on which the plasterboard is fixed along with insulating materials and installation cables (plumbing, heating, electrical and cooling system).

Therefore, this system works as a fast, cheap and safe form of non-supporting enclosure walls in office spaces. Apart from being highly beneficial, plasterboard partitions also look aesthetically pleasing as these are available in both modern and traditional style based on other decorations of the office areas.

These days, installing plasterboard partitions in the office has become a part of the modern construction method. The main reasons behind it are that these can be installed easily, have excellent characteristics, properties and most importantly the cost of construction is not that high.

As more and more offices in the Northern Beaches area are now installing this type of partition, you must be one of those. If you are in search of a professional office fit out service provider, to install office plasterboard partitions, look no further than Peninsula Office Interiors.

Why hire Peninsula Office Interiors?
Being a pro in this field, we offer a wide range of plasterboard partition installation services. The plasterboard partitions that we offer are of the highest quality and these also come with a high level of sound reduction and fire-resistant nature.

The plasterboard installation method that we offer follows the best practices available in this industry by utilising plasterboard in maximum practical lengths for minimising the joints, we also secure the gyprock with screws for the exterior walls and interior partitions. After installing the partition, we flush/plaster the walls for concealing the joints and then sand to leave a seamless finish.

The service that we offer is highly appreciated by our clients due to the flawlessness and perfect execution. The expertise of our team members helps them to install these partitions in the best possible manner. Additionally, the plasterboard partitions installation services that we offer help people to reconfigure the environment with the emerging corporate requirements.

Whenever we install these partitions in offices around Sydney, we strictly follow the regulatory requirements of that building. The team of experts in our company don’t just specialise in offering conventional plasterboard partitions where plasterboard sheets are screwed onto the galvanised metal profile; they also have expertise in offering unique office partitions, which are a great combination of plasterboard and glass.

The glass walls are highly preferred by office owners in Sydney, who want a modern look and feel. The main benefit of the glass walls is that these maximise the penetration of light while creating a barrier without closing in an area.

Few more details on the plasterboard partition installation services that we offer:

  • Purchasing all the materials.
  • Supplying all the equipment and tools necessary for completing the installation of plasterboard partitions in the Northern Beaches area.
  • Application of finishing coats in the desired texture/surface finish to make the wall primer ready.
  • Insulate the exterior walls as required.


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