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Beautiful Suspended Ceilings In Belrose

Suspended ceilings for a trendy office space
At Peninsula Office Interiors, we also specialise in installing suspended ceilings, which is another aspect of a modern office. There are times when the ceiling is too high, or there is the need to beautify the room.

This is where a suspended ceiling plays a very important role, with different lighting options as well as colour coordinating it with the walls, your ceiling receives a modern and classy look. We follow Australian standards to ensure the suspended ceiling at your office gets to look its best while simultaneously being safe.

We are a team consisting of technical experts and installers who ensure that the suspended ceilings at your office in Belrose are trendy, stylish and just perfect for a corporate setting.

Why Choose Us?

We are a team that has been around for over 30 years, we believe that our craftsmanship cannot be compared to anyone else. With industry experts in Belrose as a part of our team, your office receives the perfect ceiling that can add to the aesthetics of any office.

  • We understand the meaning of aesthetics and that is why we are known to hide the ugly look of the existing ceiling.
  • We ensure the right acoustics (soundproofing) especially for conference rooms.
  • We help with ceiling materials that guarantee longevity.
  • Our installation process is easy and hassle-free.

The Perks of a Suspended Ceiling

The flaws are covered – It may happen that the real ceiling of the office space isn’t great to look at with unappealing spots and wires all over the place. That is when a suspended ceiling comes to your rescue with beautiful designs as well as lights fitted in it, this second ceiling covers all the ugly areas of the real ceiling while giving your office a cosy atmosphere.

It is easy to install – When you have plans on installing a suspended ceiling, we can help you with putting up a ceiling with minimal installation efforts. Once the measurements are taken and the design is approved, the installation is easy and super-fast.

Removal is easy and quick – If at all you plan to renovate or move your office to another location in Belrose, you can always disassemble the suspended ceilings. Whether you intend to replace them during renovation, it completely depends on your preferences.

Helps in sound-proofing offices – It is usually seen that conference rooms at offices require soundproofing as important discussions shouldn’t be made public. A suspended ceiling can assist in minimising the sound while allowing privacy.

It is trendy – When you browse through the interior design magazines, you will see that suspended ceilings are trendy for all office setups. When it comes to using multiple lights or hiding flaws, these are the perfect solution for all offices.


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